• Akifewa Euloge
    winner 2017, Benin
  • Federico Martello
    winner 2016, Italy
  • Alexei Tikhonov
    winner 2014, Russia

International Contest of Pop Singers «Pirogovsky Rassvet»

«Pirogovsky Rassvet» is a triumph of creativity, a celebration of music, the spirit of competition, the joy of victory, a symbol of friendship and unity!

«Pirogovsky Rassvet» is an international pop song performers contest, which was created in 2011. 12 kilometers from Moscow to the heart of Russia with its rich history, unique charm of nature and the talent of the artists, known throughout the world for six years in a row in August, representatives from the artistic world. Over the years artists from 36 countries have decorated our main stage with their performances. Our extraordinary contest, along with a deep sense he is filled with the spirit of the contestants-travellers from distant corners of our beautiful planet.

«Pirogovsky Rassvet» – the idea for the title. The competition is held near the Pirogov reservoir. If you have once admired the water surface, you understand how amazing this is! And how beautiful sunrises over the water. Dawn is the awakening of nature, this unique silence, it is barely visible pale pink streak of sky above the turquoise water. This is the beginning of a new day. And dawn is the beginning of a journey of young talented performers.

«Pirogovsky Rassvet» – the uniqueness of the project. Participation in the contest is free. The contest is not a commercial project. The idea of it was supported by Head of administration of city district Khimki, and therefore, the project is fully financed from the budget. This allows you to create the most comfortable conditions for our guests. Participants and their managers pay only transportation costs. Accommodation, meals, tour of Moscow, visiting Zhostovo factory of decorative painting – all this is guaranteed by the organizers!

From 3 to 5 August 2017, we invite talented singers to visit us, and we promise that you will definitely want to come back to us again! Because «Pirogovsky Rassvet» helps everyone to unite, to love each other for who we are.

And every year, to give each other unforgettable impressions and emotions!

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«Pirogovsky Rassvet» on the map of the world

Gift of life

«Pirogovsky Rassvet» carries out the action in support of the charity Fund to help children and young adults with cancer and other serious diseases «Gift of life». By sending an SMS to a short number with the 6162 sum of digits (e.g. «100»), you are helping the charity Fund to deal with the complicated diseases and support their loved ones in times of need. Any amount can save someone's life. You can donate from 10 to 15 000 rubles. The service is available for subscribers of MTS, Beeline, MegaFon. Thank you for participating in this event! Information about the Fund: www.podari-zhizn.ru

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